About Us

It began with a quest from the heart, a search from the mind, an earnest yearn to help in any way possible, anyone, anywhere…

It grew with the intense passion to lose oneself in the feelings, thoughts and aspirations of others; to lose one’s personal motives and ambitions; to become genuinely interested in the welfare of other people.

It was released with the hungry cry of a dying orphan; the fearful helplessness of a wailing mother.

Bereft of food and water, bereft of necessities, millions of people live on the hope that one day help will arrive… that God will answer their humble prayers.

From a drive so intense, from a heart saturated with empathy, interest, commitment and dedication, a charity organization was sparked!

MEDRAR was born out of an urgent need to connect and relieve the pain of fellow brothers and sisters worldwide. It was initiated by volunteers to help alleviate all forms of human suffering.

There is no place too far, no case too difficult. It is this divine gift that motivates and directs MEDRAR’s inner energy for social accomplishment.

MEDRAR in Lebanon

The Medrar Foundation has been established in Lebanon by volunteers to cater for those of us who are less fortunate; deprived of food, clean water and basic nutritional requirements, who lack the ability, resources, and/or pre-requisite circumstances to access health-care under any circumstance, or access the education required to lift one-self from the poverty trap. We at Medrar aim both to assist those who are in dire need for food, water and health-care, by providing direct and immediate assistance, yet also we aim to enable those in need to eventually help themselves. The work of Medrar is particularly focused on the short and long-term, direct and indirect impacts of human conflicts or war. To this end, Medrar had a major role in assisting in the provision of accommodation for displaced families whose houses were destroyed and in providing necessary access to health-care and food supplies. Since its establishment, Medrar has supported over 200,000 people in Lebanon and abroad.

Providing accommodation and education for orphans and deprived children, most of whom – by definition – have lost the support they require to obtain both to dignified levels. Medrar had the opportunity to be the primary fund raiser of two important institutions; ‘Mujamaa Al Tahreer”, an orphanage that is accommodating more than 500 orphans and providing primary and secondary education to more than 1200 students, and secondly to the “University of Sour”, an educational institution of more than 1000 students located at Sour, South of Lebanon

Medrar is currently undergoing a mega project ‘Medrar Medical Center’ in Choukine, South Lebanon. The Medrar Medical Center is a welfare project grouping together different medical and social facilities in a serene, green, environmentally friendly and sustainable project. MMC includes a hospital that offers a paramedical care system to cater the residents of the complex as well as the communities in the region. A geriatric department within the center will address the complex needs of the elderly patients and emphasize maintenance of functional independence, even in the presence of chronic disease. The geriatric department will provide expertise necessary to treat elderly patients with skill, sensitivity and dignity. Furthermore, MMC consists of a drug rehabilitation department aiming to heal and track patient’s healthcare through treatment by professionals in the field of substance abuse and encourage to participate in various social and physical activities as an essential vector to their healing process.

Furthermore, we at Medrar are focusing on tackling the poverty levels and humanitarian conditions found in the Palestinian and Syrian camps in Lebanon. To this end, we have been providing humanitarian needs for refugees and assisting in rebuilding and rehabilitating the unsafely built, poorly insulated, damp and leaking housing conditions in the camps – until such time when they return to their homeland.

Emanating from Lebanon, we at Medrar Foundation believe that poverty and hunger have no nationality, no race and no ethnicity, yet are indiscriminately found in all, and increasing in severity, and to this end, we seek to obtain the necessary resources and capabilities to alleviate hunger, poverty, and enable better access to education in other areas in Africa and the Middle East.