Facts About Medrar

“MEDRAR” is an Arabic word articulated in the Holy Quran. Meaning “abundant rain,” MEDRAR is not only the physical rain that comes from the sky but also the endless life it brings with it. A Gift from God the Merciful, MEDRAR is a blessing. The abundance of water sent from the skies is a reminder that the Benevolent God bestows upon mankind showers of kindness, hope, love, and mercy.

The word “MEDRAR” can be found in Arabic in three Surahs: Nooh, Hud, and Anaam.

[Nooh 71:11] “He will send down abundant rain for you from the sky.”

[ Hud 11:52] “And O my people! Ask forgiveness of your Lord, and turn to Him (in repentance): He will send you the skies pouring abundant rain, and add strength to your strength: so turn ye not back in sin!

[Anaam 6:6] “Have they not seen how many generations We destroyed before them which We had established upon the earth as We have not established you? And We sent [rain from] the sky upon them in showers and made rivers flow beneath them; then We destroyed them for their sins and brought forth after them a generation of others.”

Medrar Foundation makes every effort to help the ones that struggle during difficult times. Whether it is due to difficulties in putting food on the table, illness, illiteracy and other issues related to poverty, our aim is to have a vital role in the enhancement of people’s well-being.

This foundation’s work includes, yet is not limited to;

• Alleviating famine and assisting in relief from natural disasters and human conflicts
• Providing the right to access of clean water through building water wells and boreholes
• Building educational and charitable institutions
• Providing educational workshops / Capacity Building
• Providing health care and nutrition
• Establishing development projects in deprived areas
• Working on children’s, women’s and elderly rights
• Building and renovating homes
• Organizing events for the orphans and the ones in need
• Sponsoring education at accredited institutions

We at Medrar aim to expand and provide these services worldwide to every person in need.