Food Supply

Food packets:



For the holy month of Ramadan, MEDRAR Foundation has distributed over 2,000 boxes of basic needs each weighing 22 KG: containing sugar, milk, rice, soup, oil, beans, homos, jam, cheese, spaghetti, powder juice and dates for over 2000 families of the Syrian Refugees living at the Akabeiya Center and within the Bent Jubayl Caza/South Lebanon. May the holy month of Ramadan show us all the righteous way and lead us to the path of peace and social harmony. MEDRAR had also distributed food packets to Lebanese families that live in extreme poverty within the Bent Jubail Caza.



Food packets were distributed on vulnerable families, widows, female headed household, orphans, disabled and elderly persons, and malnourished children’s families.


- Extension and equipping Tillaberi health district TFC: The project aimed to improve the performance of Tiilaberi TFC health district by extension and construction of TFC in order to ensure healthcare quality service for the population in the intervention areas. So that children aged between 6-59 months with severe malnutrition with medical complications can be admitted in the TFC.


In terms of food distribution in Somalia, the plan was to have a total of 950 households comprising of 7,600 persons to receive 1 month food basket. Medrar Foundation reached a total of 1081 households that translates to a total of 8,648 people who received 25Kg of rice, 10 kg of wheat flour, 10 kg of sugar and 3 liters of cooking oil. Beans were not distributed due to the shortage in the local markets during the project implementation period, for that reason we have reached more than the planned target number of households from 950 to 1081 households that received the monthly food packet.