Medrar Mission

MEDRAR Foundation is a Lebanese NGO established to alleviate all derivatives and forms of poverty. This is done by being of service to communities in need. Providing help in forms of food, water and health care and advocating development through educational institutions and feasible economic initiatives. MEDRAR seeks to raise awareness to the misery surrounding fellow humans and assist communities in enhancing their capabilities to be self-sustainable. MEDRAR Foundation has been established in Lebanon to cater for those of us who are less fortunate; deprived of food, clean water, and basic nutritional requirements, who lack the ability, resources/or pre-requisite circumstances to access health-care or access to the education required to lift one-self from the poverty trap. We at MEDRAR aim to assist those who are in dire need for food, water and healthcare, by providing direct and immediate assistance, yet also aim to enable those in need to eventually help themselves. The work of MEDRAR is particularly focused on the short and long-term, direct and indirect impacts of human conflicts or war. Emanating from Lebanon, we at MEDRAR Foundation believe that poverty and hunger have no nationality, no religion, no race and no ethnicity yet are indiscriminately found in all and increasing in severity.