Our vision & values

The MEDRAR Foundation is a non-profit, non-political and private humanitarian organization emanating from South Lebanon. From the moment MEDRAR saw the light, it was and will remain a means and never a goal; it has been the bridge that connects, the awakening that joins, and the medium that develops human empathy and altruism. The founders of MEDRAR are dedicated to raising the socioeconomic well-being of those in need. The work which started in the simple digging of water wells and provision of water (the essence of all life), reached the comprehensive livelihood of completely forgotten communities. Today the vision is not only a reality but also a stepping stone into a world where giving is never enough, sacrifice is a choice from the heart and helping is a way of life.

MEDRAR’s main ethical principles:

1) Humanitarian Approach: People’s right to live with dignity that takes precedence over politics and principles.

2) Equal Rights: For equal rights of all mankind disregarding their race, religion, gender, nationality and ethnicity.

3) Neutrality: No discrimination when supporting the people in need.

4) Participation: Getting people involved in decision making, assisting in developing projects; helping them become self sustainable.

5) Transparency: Showing full transparency of our work for all beneficiaries.