The Medrar Medical Center

Located 60 km south of Beirut and 4 km from Nabatieye, the Medrar Medical Center (MMC) project  in Choukine is a pioneer in the whole area. Field studies and surveys that have been conducted revealed that out of the most catastrophic social issues that faces the Nabatieye Caza and Lebanon as a whole is drug addiction and elders that have been left alone with severe medical issues.

The project emphasizes on the social integration side of drug addiction rehabilitation, the dignified elderly treatment practices, the communal activities and cultural events as well as the paramedical care system to cater for the dwellers and the neighboring communities. MMC has the vocation to become a trend setter for specialized civic, paramedical and social centers. MMC will abide by the most up to date regulations regarding its environmental sustainability and plans to certify it with LEED Gold. The implementation time span for the project is estimated to be within 24 to 36 months.

The MMC project is shuttling back and forth between several aims:

i) To take treatment and rehabilitation beyond just medical treatments by allowing patients to be more responsible through psychiatric sessions and taking part in social activities/events as an essential vector to the healing process

ii)To provide the elders a dignified pleasant residential setting with medical supervision

iii) To provide a paramedical environment for the advanced stages of both groups within the facility

iv) To allow patients to mingle and interact with the community by physical proximity and common activities such as exhibitions, trips, seminars and cultural events.

v) To raise awareness within the communities in Lebanon about the detrimental harm of drug abuse  and to coordinate with governmental institutions and NGOs in tackling drug addiction.

Situated on small hill overlooking striking and attractive nature scenery surrounded by a clean and peaceful environment, the MMC project will consist of the following centers of excellence:

- Heart center (Adult and Pediatric)
- Cancer Center (Adult and Pediatric)
- ENT Center
- Geriatric Center
- Orthopedic Center
- Substance Abuse & Psychiatry

Services are inclusive but not limited to the following:

- Ophtalmology, ENT, Pediatric Oncology, Adults Oncology, Laboratories, Geriatrics, Cardiology and respiratory Care, Orthopedics, Diagnostic Services, Endoscopy, Dialysis, Catheter Labs, Imaging, 6 OR, Recovery, ER, CSU, CCU, ICU.
and complements of outpatients surgeries and clinics.

The MMC project that has been primed by MEDRAR Foundation, aims to make MMC one of the top healthcare institutions in Lebanon that also include educational and civic initiatives. Promoting health care for the most needy communities in an environmental friendly atmosphere is one the most important principles of MEDRAR Foundation. To this end, MEDRAR believes that such a project will not only have an impact on a regional scale, but on a national scale.

For more info about the Medrar Medical Center, please follow the link below for a PDF file.