What we do

The MEDRAR Foundation is currently implementing activities within the following sectors:
1) Educational and Health Infrastructure and Management
2) Food Security and Agricultural Development
3) Providing Access to Clean Water Supply
4) Social Rehabilitation
5) NGO Networking And Capacity Development
6) Supporting Displaced Refugees
7) Housing Rehabilitation

Medrar Foundation consists of two main branches, development projects on one hand and direct humanitarian aid on another.

Development Projects:

A well known Tibetan proverb states that “A child without education is like a bird without wings”..
In brief, MEDRAR initiated its first development project with the importance of enhancing the educational sector in South Lebanon in 2001 with the construction and management of a unique educational institution, the Liberation Academy in Sultaneye, which consists of a school that caters for more than 1000 students in the region, and an orphanage catering for over 300 young orphans and children that live in extreme poverty.

MEDRAR expanded its educational development projects with the construction of a regional university in Sour, catering for more than 600 students.

Due to our successful experience within the educational sector, MEDRAR decided to replicated such projects in areas that are extremely deprived from proper education. In this regard, we are currently in the final phases of implementing a school in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. We have invited our local partners in Ethiopia to Lebanon for training workshops at our academic institutions for capacity building hoping we can provide what we have learned.

One of the mega-development projects that MEDRAR is currently undergoing is the Medrar Medical Center in Choukine, which consists of a hospital, a geriatric center and a drug abuse rehab that not only targets locals on a regional aspect, but on a national one. The Medrar Medical Center will also be used for the Syrian refugees in the region that are in need of special medical care. It is important to note that the Medrar Medical Center is working with the AUBMC for a potential affiliation in this project.

Direct Humanitarian Aid:

Within the time period of three years, MEDRAR was able to provide clean water supply to over 150,000 people worldwide through digging water boreholes. We have engaged ourselves in rehabilitating and developing housing projects for the underprivileged Palestinian and Syrian refugees. Just recently and in coordination with the UNHCR, MEDRAR responded to the needs of the affected Syrian refugees in South Lebanon through sustainable WASH interventions. Immediate development of the Akabeye center, which embraces over 1000 Syrian refugees, through constructing and developing the sewage and drainage network,. rehabilitating kitchens and bath tubs inside the rooms, installing drain pipes to septic tanks and casting concrete. Furthermore supplying and installing electric tubes and circuits for the centre. MEDRAR has made sure to involve the municipalities and communities where the Syrian refugees are located in the various villages of South Lebanon to provide assistance and support either through food rations and/or through medical care. We believe it is the duty of all stakeholders to put hands in one another and give special attention to those people that have been forced to flee their hometowns.