Where we work

Initiating from South Lebanon, MEDRAR does not work exclusively in a specific area; it has substantial work in different regions in Lebanon and Africa

One may be inclined to ask why Africa when Arab countries including Lebanon have their own awes? To answer, it is pertinent to note that MEDRAR does not work exclusively in Africa; it has substantial work in other places too. However, the degree of deprivation witnessed in Africa is one not known to other regions. African countries such as Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, and Somalia among others have the world’s lowest GDP; most people live below the poverty line where literacy and mortality rates are the worst in the world. It is this widespread deprivation that motivates and steers MEDRAR’s agenda setting towards such regions.

MEDRAR’s strategy of responding to new situations is based on urgency; the more severe the condition, the higher the priority given.

A second reason for helping countries in Africa lies in the fact that African countries had been a home for many Lebanese citizens living and working there. These people have for many decades acquired vast amounts of wealth from Africa. MEDRAR sees it an ethical and social responsibility to give back to the continent that provided opportunities; the continent that pulled many Lebanese families out of poverty straight into the realm of content and riches. To this end, an obligation to help serve the direst in need is only a tinge of tribute for all past and present endowments.

Since we truly believe that poverty and hunger have no nationality, no race and no ethnicity, we seek to obtain the necessary resources and capabilities to alleviate hunger, poverty and enable better access to education and health in the most deprived areas in the world.

Planning to expand to different areas in the world, Medrar Foundation has currently implemented projects that took place at the following countries:

- Lebanon
- Palestine
- Niger
- Mali
- Kenya
- Zambia
- Ethiopia
- Somalia
- Sierra Leone