The Oasis School project in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is ranked as the 169th country of 175 countries of the lowest Gross National Product (100$ US Dollars per annum). The total number of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Ethiopia is estimated to be around 5.42 million. Out of the 5.42 million, 15% of them (804,184) are HIV/AIDS orphans. Medrar Foundation is building a large scale project in one of the most deprived areas in Somali Region of Ethiopia. This project will consist of a school catering for over 1500 students of all levels, a medical clinic and other facilities used for income generation and long-term sustainability.

One may be inclined to ask why Ethiopia when other countries including Lebanon have their own awes? To answer, it is pertinent to note that MEDRAR does not work exclusively in Africa; it has substantial work in other places too. However, the degree of deprivation witnessed in Africa is one not known to other regions. African countries such as Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, and Somalia among others have the world’s lowest GDP; most people live below the poverty line where literacy and mortality rates are the worst in the world. It is this widespread deprivation that motivates and steers MEDRAR’s agenda setting towards such regions. MEDRAR’s strategy of responding to new situations is based on urgency; the more severe the condition, the higher the priority given. MEDRAR sees it a religious, ethical and social responsibility to help serve the direst in need.

In truth, people in the 21st century are rarely famished to death, they do not survive on less than a dollar a day; they are not routinely exposed to any degree of humiliating malnutrition, illnesses and diseases. In Africa, this deeply embedded story of suffering continues and we believe it is in our duty to engage into developmental projects and humanitarian aids to the ones most in need.